Custom Strategic Fundraising Plan

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Create and implement a strategic fundraising plan with ease

Establish a plan to effectively raise more money for your nonprofit organization

While it’s true that every organization has to find a way to keep the lights on—the practice of fundraising extends way beyond asking for money or covering costs. Fundraising at its core is an act of service on behalf of your donors. It’s an invitation to make a difference and help them transform right alongside the people and communities you help. This strategic fundraising plan will help your nonprofit do just that.

Perfect for nonprofit leaders who want a collaborative engagement where we do the heavy lifting to create a custom plan you can easily implement

We curate a custom, strategic fundraising plan for your organization that includes:

  • A kick-off strategic session to identify your most important fundraising priorities
  • An in-depth audit of all your current marketing and fundraising efforts to assess performance complete with observations, conclusions, and recommendations
  • A comprehensive donor profile
  • A personalized communications plan
  • A custom case for support
  • Budget breakdown
  • Personalized action plans for you and your team to execute
  • Curated collection of our favorite fundraising resources
  • Ready-made templates (after donation email flows, welcome email series, how to ask for testimonials, response device, communications calendar, and more)
  • Brand Message Workshop to implement a clear message that resonates with each of your audiences
  • A strategic implementation session to unpack how to capitalize on your fundraising priorities
  • A follow up call to check in and re-align goals based on current results
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Custom Strategic Fundraising Plan

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